Day 6 of AEDM

For day 6 I decided to visit a WIP.  This past summer I visited AK, a beautiful state.  This trip inspired the creation of one of my wire trees.  I have been trying to decide what to do with it and was just thinking that it would be nice mounted on a piece of wood and a wire business card holder mounted next to it.  I think it would make a nice desk accessory… hmmmm?


This picture of the tree is in its unfinished state, with a stone I picked up off the beach of Nome AK.

Well, as often happens with me, I switched gears and ended up with something different than I planned to do.  I didn’t like the wire business card holder(s) I was trying to make.  So, I just played around… bending and twisting the wire.  I figure I can just put them in my stash of embellishments for a future project.  That’s all right, I’m retired and don’t need a holder for business cards anyway!  🙂


Something more to add to my stash.


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